Friday, 18 January 2008

January 2008

I am still in the 2007 mode .while signing and writing dates the inertia of 2007 continues.
So much for New Year Resolutions.The high point of the month has been the cricket,sledging and other rows between Australia and India .Harbhajan Singh has been put in the dock for paying the Australians back in the same coin.Bucknor and his partner teamed upto take sides and make the Australians easy to win their 16th match in a row.They could have done it without their assistance but I beleive they did not want to take any chances.So te new recruitments to their playing strength .
Australian Open has started and our Tennis ace Sania Mirza reaches the third round to face Venus Williams.
Reliance Power IPO open on the 15th and result in stock markets taking a dive.


MEET said...

Buautiful Poonam (If I may pls use just that). The first two things that met the eyes on your space were the two things that've appealed to me forever.
"O tempora. O mores" & "Cogito Ergo Sum" (I think therefore I am)... mind if I visit this amateurish, simplistic, though not so apologetic domain more and more ?? Great job, boss, keep it up, continue being yourself.

Poonam said...

Thank You Meet .You are welcome and the pleasure will be mine too.Yes'I had thought or putting'cogito ergo sum' but finally thought it would too pompous.So I opted for the more accurate distortion of the same .