Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Kabul in Winter

Afghanistan is not the preferred destination at any time of the Year in the prevailing conditions ,but to decide to go there in in winter defied logic to anyone who came to know of our trip.But when one's husband is there and the whole family get has a chance to be together once in 6 months, probably they are more sympathetic and the decision to go there seems not so weird!
So we flew to Kabul on Christmas .There had been heavy fog in Delhi and flight schedules were haywire.In fact the Kabul flight of Indian Airlines on the 22nd had to be cancelled.But on the 25th it was bang on schedule and we were at Kabul airport at 9.00 Am Afghanistan time. Just before landing they anounced the temperature at 1 deg C and I shivered involuntarily .But it was not so cold as we descended the stairs steps. Amit ,ofcourse,had no faith in our capability to be suitably clothed and had brought caps and mufflers for us,which he distributed immediately when what we needed was only a warm hug from him!
Marium had gone for some shopping for her sister's wedding and I felt a slight twinge of annoyance at not finding her at home .But she manages the house well when Amit is there and is a good housekeeper.The "Bukhaari " which burns contnuosly in the room makes the room smell of diesel though one got used to it after a day . I refused to take a bath agin since I had already had one early morning at 4 before leaving fo the airport in Delhi. So my quota of one-bath-a-day -in-winter was done .


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