Friday, 27 March 2009

Mohit ..his Recitation and Poetry

I heard Mohit say "Mangalbhavan amangal hari " in school once and ever since I have been wanting to record it.

The second video is of Mohit having been inspired after listening to my attempts at poetry .This is his first poem.I hope he goes on to write many many more .

Mohit is 10 years old and he wrote this poem on 17th March 2009 when on a visit to lucknow. Its a superb one .


Sun Is God

Sun is Life

Water is Live

Water is Life

Air is Sky

Air is Life

Fire is destroyer

Fire is new life

Soil is floor

Soil is old life

God is Nature

God is life !

Another one


Tiger is the biggest cat

But cat is smallest cat in the world

White wild dog is the biggest dog

While pet dog is the smallest dog all over the world!


Indranil Bhattacharjee ........."सैल" said...

So cute, his recitation as well as his poems are cute and beautiful ... My daughter also tries to write something which we sometimes publish along with his drawings ...
Please visit my daughters blog:

Thank you for encouraging me at my blog:

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